We are a fun-loving group of ladies and always looking for more like-minded ladies to volunteer with us.

Do you….

  • …love to dress-up? (no experience necessary)
  • …have an interest in vintage clothing or history?
  • …want to bring a smile to residents of care facilities (this is a positive volunteering experience for sure)!

Great! Sounds like a great start so far. Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Flexibility in your schedule. – We typically do 3-4 shows a month (usually afternoons, Tuesday to Friday). We are looking for a minimal commitment of two shows per month.
  • Time Commitment for each show is about three and a half hours.
  • Access to transportation. – We often carpool to shows, but it is helpful to have more members who can drive.
  • Have some storage space for outfits which are provided from the group collection (usually 6-10 outfits that cover various eras).

For more information contact our coordinator, Louise by email or phone.