About Us


Our History

The collection was originally established by Marjorie Aldersmith – a life-long collector and the first Mayor of View Royal. When she passed away in 1993, her large collection was left to Isabel Knox, Barb Hillis, and Louise Osselton – the founding members of Heritage Productions.

The collection continues to grow as donations are accepted, or new pieces are researched and reproduced by Louise Osselton. At present, just over 600 outfits are cataloged – covering eras 1850 to 1960 – with about half being original garments.

What We Do

Heritage Productions is a non-profit (un-registered) volunteer group of about 30 ladies, who have a passion for vintage clothing. We have been showcasing our collection in Victoria, BC and the surrounding area for over 30 years.

Conducting fashion shows in vintage clothing is the main thrust of our group. Ladies and special interest groups, fund-raising events, and care facilities keep our calendar full. On average, there is a fashion show per week for ten months of the year.

Care facilities are the biggest “client” – many book two shows per calendar year. The number of models set for a show is dictated by the size of the dressing room provided. Models wear two outfits each, while the commentator discusses world affairs which influenced fashion. The show is supported by the group’s piano player – Lynn Dennis – plus at least one dresser and a line-up manager. During the show, residents enjoy a 40 minute walk down memory lane.

Our group also provides atmosphere or a "meet and greet" function for public events like Canada Day celebrations, art shows, trade shows, and vintage fairs. For their services, an honorarium is charged to maintain a storage unit to house the surplus collection. Items in the collection are neither rented nor loaned.

Would you like to book a show?

We would be pleased to discuss booking a show with you. Please email our coordinator for more information.